Can anybody Trace the Bitcoin transactions address | Protect Bitcoin transaction address


Is it Possible to detect Bitcoin transaction address?

Many believe that bitcoin is completely anonymous. However, with forensic analysis, it is possible to detect any bitcoin address used in the transaction. This means that bitcoin transactions are actually pseudo-anonymous.

All bitcoin transactions and wallet addresses contained are recorded on the public blockchain – the bitcoin blockchain, in particular. They are open and available for all to see.

However, only Bitcoin wallet addresses do not reveal any identifiable details. However, they provide the basis for further investigation. Think of your Bitcoin address as an email address or an online alias; How difficult it is to link to your actions depends largely on what you do with it and the will of another party to track you down.

Do not Share Bitcoin-related information on the public front

Say you publicly share your Bitcoin wallet address. Maybe on stage. Even if you don’t share it with any identifiable details, you can use the same username elsewhere. Under that username, you may share identifiable details in another post, and anyone can track it by viewing your posting history. You may also use an email address to sign up for the forum, which is public. Then connecting the dots is not difficult.

Basically, if you share a Bitcoin wallet address at any time, you will be able to link someone to it. If you are buying something from a store, the dealer won’t bother to locate you, and doing so is expensive. If you are doing worse with your bitcoin, the police may be more inclined to do so.

Multiple Bitcoin addresses can be grouped together

It is also important to note that multiple Bitcoin addresses can be grouped together, as you can see all the transactions taking place in the Bitcoin network. Then they can be tied to the same address. Therefore, if one of these addresses is linked to real-world identity via one or several other de-anonymous methods, they can.

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