Amtrak train hits dump truck in Missouri, 3 dead, 40 injured 

Three people were killed and dozens injured when a Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago crashed into a dump truck in a Missouri

Amtrak said several cars of the company's Southwest Chief train were off the rails after a dump truck collided at 12:42 pm.

Seven of the train's eight cars were derailed, the CPL said. Justin Dunn, public information officer with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at a news conference Monday.

Dunn confirmed that two people were killed in a train and one died in a truck.

Lieutenant Eric Brown of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said he was "unaware of the number of casualties at this stage," but reported that hospitals have received more than 40 casualties and are expecting more.

Brown told reporters that the accident occurred at an "uncontrolled intersection" of a gravel road with no lights or electronic controls. "A lot of your rural intersections are like this," he said.

Mike Spencer, who grows corn and soybeans on the land surrounding the intersection of the accident,

said everyone in Mendon understands that the intersection is dangerous, especially for those who run-heavy, slow farm equipment. 

He said the line of rails was on a gravel road and it was difficult to see trains coming in either direction.