Best 5 Crypto Affiliate Programs 2022

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs depend on your needs and preferences. However, to help you get started we have completed a few notable options.

1. Binance Affiliate Program or Binance Partner Program

Binance’s affiliate program started with a 50% incentive on Bitcoin Trading Fees (BTC). However, the referral commission was reduced to 20%. 

In 2018, Binance formed an agreement to double your Binance trading fee if you have 500 BNB or more in your account.

2. Paxful Affiliate Program or Paxful Refferal Program

The Paxful Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in the crypto industry.

It gives users the best opportunity to make money by promoting Paxful to their network of contacts.

3. Coinbase Affiliate Program or Coinbase Partner Program

Coinbase Affiliate Program consider for its Best Referral Trading Commissions. Coinbase Crypto Exchange provides the best referral commissions to affiliate partners.

4. CoinMama Affiliate Program or CoinMama Partner Program

Coinmama Affiliate Program provides you with a lifetime referral commission for your referral. It is also known for its beginner-friendly interface.

5. Bitfinex Affiliate Program or Bitfinex Partner Program

Bitfinex Is one of the top Crypto trading and Exchange platforms. Bitfinex Affiliate program is known for its best Recurring Commissions for its referral.

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs: It is very less people who know this, there are plenty of options to make money from cryptocurrencies.