What is the PancakeSwap Token CAKE’s Total Supply?

As a leading BNB chain platform with more than 40,000 active daily users, 

PancakeSwap provides a robust ecosystem where users can access various DeFi features

including decentralized exchange and multiple stocking pools.

CAKE reached its peak in April 2021 and traded at $ 44, but at the time of writing, the token was down 90% from its ATH

Since its most recent announcement, CAKE has gained 8% and is currently trading at $ 4.7

Previously, CAKE had an unlimited supply and the platform used a burning mechanism to control the token’s circulation supply

However, in May, the Pancakeswap team decided to limit CAKE’s total supply to 750 million tokens, but the new supply limit is in line with its objectives and better supports the BNB chain.