What is CBDC Cryptocurrency? Indian government to be introduce Digital Currency

What is CBDC Cryptocurrency? 

CBDC refers to Central Bank Digital Currency. It is a digital asset that can be used as currency for payments. CBDC cryptocurrency is ca be launched by any government. Every countries government may have its own CBDC Crypto. And they may name for it differently. 

Plans for CBDC Launch

CBDC is a digital offshoot of a legal tender issued by the central bank, with potential widespread use by households and businesses to make payments and collect value. 

The CBDC can help governments to put money directly into the people’s pockets during some emergency situation like last year’s coronavirus-pandemic, nationwide lockdown.

What is CBDC Cryptocurrency?

China CBDC coin yuan

China, which delivered 10 million digital yuan to Shenzhen citizens a year ago, is leading the global race to launch a digital currency. China’s CBDC was used to trade 62 billion yuan ($ 9.7 billion) at the end of October, according to an official from the People’s Bank of China.

Chief General Manager of RBI Vasudevan P Statement on CBDC

Meanwhile, the RBI is at work and various issues and nuances related to the CBDC include distribution and validation mechanisms and potential targets – wholesale / retail, said Vasudevan.

“The central bank is looking at whether intermediaries can be bypassed completely and most importantly, whether the technology is decentralized or semi-centralized,” said Vasudevan, head of payments and settlement systems at RBI.

“It is not a simple matter to say that CBDC can be practiced tomorrow,” Vasudevan noted, adding that the effectiveness of CBDC depends on how it is implemented.

CBDC crypto control bill Congregation

The crypto control bill may be tabled by the Government of India at the forthcoming Winter Session of Parliament, starting from November 29 and ending around December 23.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is reviewing the feasibility of central bank digital currency (CBDC) and a pilot project could be launched in the financial year April 2022 to March 2023, according to a local media report.

Digital currency is part of a legal tender issued by the central bank, with potential widespread use by households and businesses.


Q; What is the full form of CBDC?

A: CBDC full form is Central Bank Digital Currency

Q: When India will Launch CBDC?

A: CBDC Indian Crypto is in the talk process. The launching date has not yet been announced.

Q: Will the Indian government allow digital currency?

A: It’s not confirmed. Because most developing countries have their own governmental digital currency which was introduced by respective reserve banks.

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